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Phantom Phans at Sea!

The Phantom and His Favorite Diva

     Jeremy is a current Phantom veteran with over a decade of experience wearing the mask. Yes, you will hear Phantom like you have never heard Phantom before, but there is so much more beyond the darkness of the Phantom’s lair. “No More Talk of Darkness” infuses Jeremy’s unparalleled voice and extensive musicianship with the high packed, show stopping power of the Unreachable Stars Band to create the ultimate celebration and electrifying spectacle of the Broadway mega musical. Everyone in the Unreachable Stars band plays multiple instruments, sings 5 languages and rocks venues with a never ending enthusiasm for Broadway and beyond.


This concert crosses over several musical genres with many hilarious tales which will keep you on the edge of your seat. The music has been designed for full theatrical impact by movie composer, James Morgan, in his New York Sound studios. His dynamic arrangements of these hit songs from stage and screen are designed to GO BIG or GO HOME! 

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