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BBE is a show that takes you back to the beginning from the
early days of Barbershop Quartets to groups like The Monkees
and The Beatles who revolutionized the meaning of what we

know today as the “boyband.”

What if they could look into the future and see how their music
would affect future generations? BBE takes you on a journey
through every genre of music; combining timeless classics from
the 50’s, 60’ and 70’s and merging them with the greatest
boyband hits from the last 30 years. This exciting and timeless
blend of music creates a night to remember and truly provides

something for everyone!

Boy Band Evolution integrates the smooth choreography of the
Jackson 5, tight harmonies of Frankie Valli and The Four
Seasons, and one of a kind arrangements of Queen, The Eagles

and don’t forget about the Motown era!

Let us take you on this exciting journey through the evolution of

the boybands one memory at a time.

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