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To nurture and grow performing arts & culture in communities seeking development.


KMEntertainment is a Production Company offering a unique skill set which spans all layers of Artistic Direction and Venue Management: The "Power of 3" : Producing, Presenting, and Booking Live Entertainment. With years of experience in producing live events, we specialize in delivering audiences world class artists and concierge-style advancing of each performance contract.   We strive to connect the community by fostering local, emerging talent and providing jobs for displaced arts workers.


Our goal is to restore safe live arts to the community, driving tourism and stimulating the economy. Together, we can cultivate the demand for the return of live performing arts to your community for our collective success!



KMEntertainment continues to search for the right venue to continue the mission of delivering quality live entertainment to the community. We believe that music is what connects humanity and we continue to advocate for the arts.


For now, our space is transient and sometimes virtual because as artists we adapt with the changing tides. Thank you for riding the waves with us! 

Curtains Collage (2).png

Curtains Restaurant & Bar

Avenel Arts Center

KME was previously the Live Entertainment Programming Director

for Curtains Bar & Restaurant at the Avenel Arts Center.