No More Talk of Darkness


"No more talk of darkness", one of the many famous quotes in the world renowned musical The Phantom of the Opera, perfectly describes this wonderful evening. Jeremy is a current Phantom veteran with over a decade of experience wearing the mask. Yes, you will hear Phantom like you have never heard Phantom before, but there is so much more beyond the darkness of the Phantom’s lair. Jeremy, with his unparalleled voice and extensive musicianship, he has assembled an unmatched team of musical artists to bring a unique look at your favorite musical moments in a night packed with show-stopping Broadway songs, soaring high notes, classic music, and hilarious stories of the great white way. Together, they sing your most loved musical standards, Broadway ballads, and original songs. With Jeremy’s electric charisma and world-class voice, you may find yourself singing along to The Greatest Showman or tearing up to the classic ballads of Rodgers and Hammerstein. Jeremy has enchanted audiences worldwide with his approachable, energetic demeanor and comedic charm. This heartfelt concert about life, love, and the perseverance it takes to make it on Broadway is perfect for all ages.

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